No one wants to sit in a humid house all day without a working A/C or fan system, but sometimes you just can’t escape it. Here are eight things you can do to help you keep your house cool during the summer.

Cook Outdoors

Keeping your oven and stove turned off during the summer is one of the best ways to keep your home cool this season. The last thing you want is to add a 400-degree heat source to an already 30+ degree house.

Switch to Fluorescent Bulbs

When turned on, incandescent light bulbs can waste up to 90% of their energy and heat up space around them. Lower your room’s temperatures as well as your energy bills by switching to a low energy light bulb.

Open Your Windows at Night

The temperature tends to drop during the night, providing you with the perfect sleeping conditions during the summer. Crack your windows open and let the airflow cool your body down as you sleep, preventing you from waking up in the morning sweaty and miserable.

Close Your Blinds

Around 30% of unwanted heat in your home comes from your windows, so if you have blinds or curtains, now is the time to close them. Doing so can lower your home’s temperature by almost 20 degrees and save you up to seven percent on your energy bills. For an even cooler home, consider investing in some blackout curtains, which can reduce your heat by over 30%.

Use Your Bathroom Fans

Keeping your bathroom fans running throughout your home will effectively pull in any hot air that’s present, especially after you’ve just finished cooking or taking a shower.

Focus on Body Temperatures

If you’re home by yourself and feeling the heat, consider trying to keep yourself cool instead of the entire house. You can do so by keeping a cold drink with you throughout the day or keeping a cool towel around your wrists or neck.

Have a Ceiling Fan?

If you have ceiling fans installed throughout your home, you’ll need to adjust them as the season’s change. For hotter weather, set your fans to rotate counter-clockwise at high speed, as this will increase the airflow and create a wind-chill effect.

Switch Out Your Bedsheets

Swapping out your bedding not only freshens up your bedroom but it also keeps your bed cooler. Changing over to cotton sheets will allow for more breathability and will keep you cooler at night.

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