A central air conditioner is ideal because it cools the entire home and not just one specific room or area. Normally, a central air conditioner unit will consist of two units used to distribute cool air through the ducts.

The indoor component of the central A/C unit works to get rid of heat and humidity flowing in the air. This is done through an evaporator with cooling coils to facilitate this process. A fan then blows the air carrying excessive heat and moisture outside through a condenser leaving the air indoors nice and cool.

An A/C unit also purifies the air indoors through the use of a filter that traps elements like dust to make sure that the cool air that is released through the system is not only chilled but clean as well.

A compressor, which essentially acts as a pump, serves to diminish the warm air that will inevitably enter the system so that it stays outside and allows only the cool air to come inside.

A central air conditioning system does run on electricity so it is very important to choose a unit that is energy efficient so that your electricity bill is not insanely high during the hotter months. Throughout the summer season, the A/C system will be running nonstop and will consume a lot of energy. You want a unit that is both energy efficient and relative to the size of your house. This will help with the electricity bill immensely and allow for the system to perform as it should by supplying cool air to all areas of the home.

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