If you have a dog or a cat (or many dogs and cats!) then you know that while you love them, they really do contribute to the mess in your home. The fur, extra dirt, dust, and dander that your pet produces not only means you have to do extra vacuuming but may also be having a negative impact on your furnace and air conditioners efficiency. Keep your HVAC system clear of the debris your pets produce so that everything will stay nice and warm in the winter, and crisp and cool in the summer. Here are some helpful tips on keeping your HVAC system clean.

Bathe and Brush Your Pets

The less fur, dander, and dust that is floating around your home, the less there is to get into your HVAC system. To curb this, you should bathe and brush your pets regularly. If you have a long hair cat this is especially important, not only to protect your heating and cooling system but also to keep your cat comfy. Having your dog groomed regularly is also very beneficial for both the dog and your home. Keeping fur out of the house, in general, keeps it out of your HVAC system too.

Replace Your Filters

You need to replace your filters regularly even if you don’t have pets. With pets though, it is a good idea to check them more often and replace them when it looks like they need it, not just when it is recommended by the manufacturer. Pets shed their hair and dander at a higher rate than humans do and all of that can end up in the filter system. To keep air flowing properly through the HVAC system, you need to replace your filters regularly.

Keep Your Pets Away!

It is a good idea to keep pets away from your HVAC system simply for safety reasons. You do not want them getting into any mechanical parts or any other dangers posed by your heating and cooling system. They also have the potential to damage your HVAC system in turn. By scratching and biting at different parts and tubing, pets can wreak havoc. Keep your pets and your HVAC system safe by keeping them separate.

Programmable Thermostat

You want to keep your pet comfy while you aren’t at home, and one way that many people do that is by keeping the house at one set regulated temperature. The reality of this is, though, that all this does is overwork your already hard working HVAC system. Pets are actually better equipped to handle changes in warmer weather and can regulate their temperature easier than humans. Use a programmable thermostat in your home so that you can turn the temperature a few degrees higher or lower. Your pet will still be comfy and cozy at home, your HVAC system will be less strained, and you will save some money.

The team at Home Comfort Center knows that your pets are part of your family and that you want to keep them comfortable. We also know that you want to keep your HVAC maintained so that it can perform as optimally as possible.


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