Is your HVAC system ready to handle the upcoming heat from the beautiful Canadian summer months? When you check your HVAC system before you crank the air conditioning, you should check to see if your filter is clean. A lot of people either forget or just don’t check their filter on a monthly basis. If you don’t check your filter regularly, you need to start checking it at least once a month, especially during the summer months.

It is important to change the filter in your HVAC system often (generally once a month, but don’t leave a filter in for more than three months) because it will go a long way in saving you money down the line. The following blog will outline the top reasons why you need to regularly change the air filter in your HVAC system.

Allows Your HVAC System to Live Longer

One of the main causes for an HVAC system to work inefficiently is a dirty air filter. When more and more dirt gets stuck in the filter it blocks air from going through, and it can even make the system overheat. This makes the motor work harder than it should, which can create even more costly problems. If you don’t change your air filter often, then at best you will just need to get your HVAC system repaired, but the worst case scenario would be replacing it altogether. Replacing your filter every month or so goes a long way in giving your HVAC system a longer life.

Cut Down on Your Energy Costs

If you notice that your energy bill is through the roof during summer and winter months, the problem may be that your HVAC system is draining more energy than it needs to due to a clogged air filter. Since the motor works harder when no air can pass through a dirty filter, it causes it to use more energy, creating a higher energy bill to pay. The average household pays around $2,000 per year on energy, but if you regularly change your air filter, it can decrease your energy bill by 15% annually.

Have a Better Air Quality

Do you find yourself constantly sneezing or coughing when your HVAC system is on? It may be more than seasonal allergies that are affecting your health! When you have a dirty filter, your HVAC system starts to circulate dirty air into your home, causing you and your family to have more respiratory problems. The best way to get better air into your home is to change your air filter once a month!

Have the Peace of Mind with Clean, Quality Air

Replacing your air filter every month and having annual maintenance done on your HVAC system will save you money in the long run. Air filters are fairly inexpensive and very easy to change. The best part about changing your filter once a month is that you will see a major decrease in your energy bill!


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