A furnace costs a significant amount of money to purchase and install in your home. Thankfully, they do last a very good chunk of time, around 15-20 years. Considering the substantial investment that a furnace costs, you do not want to be rummaging around in there with your toolbox if you end up having any issues. You can end up doing more damage in the end if you try to do a fix by yourself, and that is the last thing you want. The best thing to do is call a repair technician, like the ones at Home Comfort Center, the experts in all things furnace in London Ontario, to come to your home and get the repairs done right the first time around. Here are our top four reasons you should hire a pro instead of trying a DIY fix on your furnace.

Hot, Hot, Hot

Furnaces generate heat which is then blown through your home via the vents. This means that your heater is hot. If your heater stops working suddenly, you do not want to open it up and start having a look around. The internal workings of your heater are complex, and if you have not given your heater a chance to actually cool down, then they will run hot. You do not want to burn or injure yourself while trying to figure out what has gone wrong in your heater. If something goes wrong, it is best to call the pros.


Furnaces come in usually three varieties: natural gas, propane, and electric. The most common type of furnace in North America is natural gas. Natural gas is relatively safe to use in your home, but it does emit the byproduct carbon monoxide. If you were to attempt a repair of your furnace on your own, then there is a chance that you may do a faulty installation. Carbon monoxide is incredibly dangerous, and if enough of it is present in the air, it has the potential to kill you. Furnaces are not something that you want to be digging around in merely due to this fact!


Some furnace warranties need a record of annual maintenance by a professional to remain in place. This tune-up service, done once or twice a year, is excellent for your furnace too and will keep it working at its best which can end up saving you money. The reason that warranties demand annual maintenance is that professionals will be able to do preventative maintenance when they come to look at your furnace so that more expensive repairs may be avoided in the future (which will end up saving you quite the headache if your furnace were to break down mid-winter).


Your time is valuable, and if you are unfamiliar with a heating system, then the chances are that you are going to be spending a lot of time merely familiarizing yourself with it instead of fixing it. Calling a professional in to do the work for you will save you time and in the end, time is money.

Repairing your own heater is dangerous, time-consuming, and may end up giving you grief regarding the warranty. It is a much smarter idea to contact the pros at Home Comfort Center, the experts in heating and cooling in London Ontario. We’ll get the job done right and make sure that you and your loved ones are safe and warm no matter the season.

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